THere’s probably gonna be more of this

Unless incidents like THIS are actually DNC creations….Since they seem to believe that headlines are reality, and legitimate protest MUST be astroturf….(no doubt because without their organizing the masses, there would never be a protest in favor of their actions).

Eventually, however, the constituents are just gonna show up with rope, and torches, and pitchforks and make their wishe4s even plainer than they have now.

And already the “town hall” meetings are policed heavily…

If only these non representing representatives and congressmen would get the message…..THe people , the true (not astroturfed by the DNC) grassroots, made up of conservatives, liberals, and in between folks DON”T WANT THE$ GOVERNMENT CONTROLLING HEALTHCARE. THere are enough of us that those who vote for it should fear, not only for their jobs, but fear for their very safety.

I’m not advocating violence here, but you can’t piss off this many people and not have a real crazy or two get really mad.

And the police won’t be able to stop it, should it ever becone a mob violence thing. And if they keep on this path, it will.

Good thing for these non-representing congressmen and members of the house that most of us are (fairly) peaceful, law abiding folks…

So far.