Seems that the DNC is feeling the heat. Either they are really stupid, and can’t tell “grassroots” from “Astroturf”, or they are feeling the heat and have gone to trying to discredit all of you (us) who have protested this debacle of a health care bill.

They’d rather lie than admit that over 50% of the citizens of the US dislike this so called reform.

Here is their message about us and the MOBS we run with…Paid for (i must have missed getting my check) by greedy insurance companies and the like.

Lies lies lies..

Michelle Malkin has examples of “mobs” on her site.

Perhaps the fact that they are unable to get a “mob” of protesters without bussing them onto their protests is lost on them. They may well be unable to fathom the concept that some of us actually take an interest in things, and choose to protest (it’s that pesky first amendment again) without someone telling us where and when to do so.

I guess that the only thing that they have is the spin to work with.

I think it shows that they are scared. Scared of failing. Scared of us. Scared that we, the people are gonna get in the way of their agenda. Scared that we will finally stand up and say “no more”.

As it is, I think that this, coupled with the stimulus bitll, is gonna cause a drastic change in the makeup of our senate and house. People are finally beginning to realize what liberals really stand for.

And that isn’t a bad thing at all.