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A crack….A small one, but a crack in the Obama Facade, nonetheless.

Seems the Obama Administration is willing to give up on the public health insurance option, replacing it with “cooperatives” (shades of Hillarycare….?) in order to get “Health Care Reform”, which is really just government control of health care,

Step one in the plan to socialize medicine, which is step 2 in the long range plan for the socialization of Amerikka.

Glenn Reynolds says it’s a “Parthian retreat”…I agree. Look it up.

They will never stop, only retreat and try again. Socialists are never going to give up and become good capitalists, and they won’t move to a socialist country. They will always try to change this one “for the better”, failing to realize that it is the wealth and power created by the capitalists that makes the world safer for socialists to do their slimy digging at the roots of that same foundation of capitalism.