Sometimes you should just shut up…….

Sometimes, keeping your mouth shut, or at least not saying something is the best choice. Stop making the situation worse, by escalating the situation. Best if you don’t put the other party in a defensive position, especially when you really don’t know all the facts.

I’m not talking about the Gates debacle, Mr Obama, I am referring to your remarks on it.

I find it interesting (and saddening) that you sided with Mr Gates, even when he has so many witnesses indicating that he was in the wrong (even (gasp,) black police officers AT THE SCENE).

Makes me wonder if you can ever be non racial in your dealings with the rest of us. Or will you always be a “black candidate” in your thinking? Will you ever not see color?

One thought on “Sometimes you should just shut up…….

  1. good letter, if only they would read it. send it to your congressmen and the rep. I doubt they would ever see it but it is worth a try.

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