Smells like Chicago

This is the sort of thing we get along with our “Hope and Change” ™ ….

Mr. Obama is, after all, a product of Chicago cronyism and political meddling, A La Mayor Daley and his pet alderpersons….

When will we say “enough!” and demand that we get, if not open, honest, transparent government, at least have the cronyism and theft return to the “old” levels, where we might not have liked it, but we could at least stomach it?

When will the people demand that the IG’s and the other watchdogs not be muzzled? When will we cry “stop!” and demand an accounting? How much willwe accept until it turns our stomachs?

I know I am sounding a bit repetetive, but still, with so much cronyism and blatantmanipulation going on…..

Let’s not talk about the millions going to ACORN (or whatever they are calling themselves now) as payback for helping to win an election (by hook or by crook).

Jesus H. Christ, Why do we let the administration get away with this stuff?