I’m just sayin

Those who fail to represent their constituents after taking the job and getting elected by promising to represent them……They should fear things like this…Really fear the thought. They should fear the thought of returning to the state where those constituents reside.

Failure to attempt to do the job you promised to do….voting against the wishes of your constituents.

Things like this should make you fear the above.

Alas, we citizens are (as of now, anyway) too civilized to make use of such a device……Right?

Think “health care” and “cap and trade”…….. Think “immigration reform” and “amnesty”…Think “bailouts” and “stimulus package”…

Nah, it might get you mad enough to….. Nah, never mind.

Never mind. Forget the whole thing.

Safer and more legal if we all just forget it. Better for everyone that we don’t think about it. In fact, forget you ever read this post….I don’t want anyone getting ideas that might be bad or anything.

Let’s just all be good little sheep.