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The way you stop racial discrimination is to stop discriminating by race” – Chief Justice Roberts

Glad to see that the Supreme Court (5 out of nine, anyway) understands that discrimination is discrimination, no matter what the color or race, or gender of the people involved.

If blacks, or whites, or hispanics, or women or whatever cannot cut the mustard, and meet whatever standards are in place, then that’s too bad. Life ain’t fair. Statistically based hirings a discriminatory as any other. TO hire someone who is back or female to met a quota, or not hire someone because they are white, or black or male, yet are qualified because of a quota, is discrimination.

Now if we could only make the other 4, (and potential justice Sotomayor) to understand this, we’d be on a path to get this country back on track.

But I doubt that this will ever happen, all in the interest of “fairness”

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