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So I ask you:

When is enough, enough?

We have an administration which meddles in EVERYTHING. That in itself would be bad enough…..But the way they meddle…. Like children with a new knife, not knowing the consequences of their actions. The surety of purpose that is only present in academia. Those with the hubris to “know” that they, the “intelligentsia” know better than all the rest.

They have screwed with our economy, they have, by most reckonings extended the economic crisis rather than reduced it. They have strongarmed the bankruptcy courts and the investors in the car companies, making deals with the unions that basically screw the other secured investors. They have given trillions of dollars to financial institutions with little or no oversight as to how it is spent, but have used these “loans” to attempt to put into place controls that are so onerous that many banks that were strongarmed into taking the TARP money are trying to return said cash. They have loaned money to Chrysler and to GM with no way to get it back, essentially giving billions of dollars to these corporations. This is money that is the property of you, and me, and our children and our children’s children.

All these “experiments”, these amateurish attempts to fix a system that is fundamentally sound, and that will quickly re-establish itself if left alone, have not done anything to create jobs or to re establish investor confidence. Rather, these child like fumblings have extended the misery and have increased unemployment and decreased investor confidence.

Someone needs to tell these children that “we the people” (not me!) that have put them into office that this is not the protected world of academia, but rather the real world, where actions have consequences and where decisions poorly thought out can severely harm the system and the people who are its parts.

“Knowing” how to fix things, in a college bull session sort of way is a far cry from really having any knowledge of the system, and therefore, the effects of any changes you should wish to make.

I hope all those who voted for “change” choke on the changes that Mr Obama and his fine advisers are making to our way of life.

I hope that the administration realizes that this country grew and became great on the principles of freedom from oppression and freedom for businesses to grow, and earn, and create jobs. Rather than the system he is putting into place. Left alone, our system would heal itself and recover quickly. Meddled with, however, it may well crumble into dust.

So I ask you. When is enough, enough? when will we go beyond “tea parties” and do whatever it takes to force our elected officials back to the path that from which they should fear to deviate? When will we cry STOP! and force them to return to the path that made this country great?

When will we reign in the change that is causing such damage to our economy,,,,that once proud economic engine that brought wealth and a high standard of living to all of the citizens of the US?

How do we stop this “change”?

We had better figure out how to do so very soon, or the changes to our way of life will be irreversible. Soon, this country shall begin to look like a large version of Europe. And that is not a good thing.

We must reign in this congress soon. 2010 is too far away.