RIP Grasshopper……

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok.

Reports are that he was found in his motel room.

For many of us, he will always be Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu, the monk who toured the west, righting wrongs and taking the side of the oppressed, using his strength and his prowess for good, never showing anger, only patience, always trying diplomacy first, resorting to violence last, but with great vigor and focus. A bunch of short plays about morality and doing what is right. His influence on many youths was profound. I see few actors today that had his presence.

I will also remember him in “Death Race 2000”. A cheezy movie, but still….

Yeah, I know, he was just an actor and all that. But he was, for me, as iconic as John Wayne, and as influential.

His passing marks the passing of an era for many.

RIP, Grasshopper. May you snatch the pebble once more in the afterlife.

One thought on “RIP Grasshopper……

  1. Well, damn. I hope he's crossing the rice paper of heaven and isn't leaving a mark.

    I have to admit that as influential as he was as Caine, I also remember him in Lone Wolf McQuade, taking the Bad Guy role vs. Chuck Norris. He played both sides of the good/evil coin with equal talent and depth.

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