Again with the knife shit.

Via LawDog comes this GEM.

I urge you to write, call, email, fax, send a carrier pigeon, telex, or whatever (sometimes I dream of delivering my message wrapped around a rock tossed through a window…..but then again, I don’t like jail) your congressman (woman) or representative and tell them that the customs department has gone a bit to far in their attempt to make the world safe for everyone. This issue has been brewing for a while, but now that the Customs service has decided not to consider changes to the proposed law, the time has come for us to do something.

I like my SOG twitch. I use it as a tool. Not as a weapon (although I could, but then again, I could use a hammer or a large wrench as a weapon too). I like the ability to open the thing with one hand and it is handy to be able to do so when working on something in a confined space or when holding something with the other hand.

There comes a time when the regulation by our government become oppressive enough, and irritating enough that something must be done.

Deliver the message to your congresscritters please. (don’t use a rock, tempting though it might be).

Or allow another small bit of regulation to crumble your freedom just a bit more.

ETA: More commentary HERE