1 in 6….

2 million out of the 12 million in Tehran, Iran…..1 person in 6 is standing at the barricades, protesting fraud in the election. People have been shot, yet they still stand in protest. They have no second amendment, and are forced to fight back with bottles, rocks and molotov cocktails.

Yet we, here in America, do nothing. We have the tools, the means, and the reason to do the same, We stand by idly, and watch as our future is stolen from us. We have better means to fight back, yet we stand idly and allow the current regime to loot the wealth of this nation.

If 1 in 6 people in Chicago were to do so, there would be 1 million at the protest. In New York, 3 million. In Atlanta, 100,000. If 1 in 6 in the US were to protest, it would be 51,000,000. Fifty-one Million people protesting. We will, of course have to generally write off the west coast, but still, we could make a difference if we chose to do so.

As it is, in Iran, 1 in 35 people are protesting. Were that to happen in the US, that would be 8.7 million people protesting.

We have the power to make “change”. Yet we sit on our asses and do nothing. That kind of mass protest would indeed make a difference. But we sit on our lard and let them do it to us. The Iranians face possible death to protest the stealing of their country. We choose to do nothing to protest the theft of our future.

Why? Is it just not bad enough, or do we just not realize what is happening? Perhaps we are as lazy as the rest of the world thinks.

I include myself in the group of lazy people. I attended the “Tea Parties”, but I have done nothing since. And things have gotten worse rather than better in the intervening days from then to now.

Yet we sit here, doing nothing. Still.

It’s not like I want to see violence in the protests either, just a peaceful demonstration of our dissatisfaction. But the threat of violence should always be present, if only to prevent any from the other side.

I applaud the Iranians for their fortitude. I am saddened by the citizens of my country and our lack of action.We can barely muster even for one day, planned in advance, 1 eighth of their numbers. And we have less to fear from our Law Enforcement than the Iranians do. We have the ability to fight back, should that need arise. They, with few exceptions, do not.

Yet there they are, and here we sit.

Sad, isn’t it?