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So I have the opinion, after reading up a bit on the prospective new Supreme, Ms. Sotomayor, that she is hand picked not because she is a liberal judge (although that is indeed what she is, and that is a part of her charm to the Obama Administation) but because she is an anti second amendment judge. Mr. Obama will find it hard to get legislation passed that is anti-gun both due to campaign promises and due to the fact that many democrats are now fully aware as to how important this issue is to their constituents (wanna get defeated? go for another AWB!). But she can be his backdoor attack on the 2nd ammendment. More than that, she can make lasting changes to the precedents used in the arguing of future attacks on our 2nd amendment.

While it may well be that nothing will change except that she will replace Souter (who is more or less anti 2nd anyway), it may well be that she will do more damage than he might have, as he was, at least, somewhat fair minded and morally honest. One cannot say the same about Ms. Sotomayor.

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As for Ms. Sotomayor, we can only pray for a miracle…..