No due process….not innocent until proven guilty

THIS is gonna be ugly in a year or two……First they will call anyone they don’t like a “suspected terrorist”. Then they will expand the things that they can hold up (other than transferring a firearm) to end up where if you aren’t in favor of something the government does, and are vocal about it, they can prevent you from operating a car (by not letting you renew your driver’s license, or whatever they want like travel from your state, simply in the name of security. “Appropriately suspected” my ass.

Eric Holden SHOULD not even let this bill see the light of day. as it is unconstitutional…..But he will let it and it could pass.

No right to face your accuser or the charges. Just your name on a list with the reasons redacted….If you have evidence that someone is a terrorist then charge them, if not, then leave them alone.

“First they came for for the Jews…and I remained silent…….”

See the rest here if you need to educate yourself.

And think about dusting off that rope if your congressman votes for it. I bet you have a tree handy……..

As the Western Rifle Shooter’s Association says:
Build a politician a fire, and he will be warm for a day.

Set a politician on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.”

Kinda hard to argue with ain’t it?