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Interesting comments on Cap and Trade

“Think back to 1905.

The Wright brothers had just made history. Coal and wood heated homes. Few had telephones or electricity. AC units were handheld fans. Ice blocks cooled ice boxes. New York City collected 900,000 tons of vehicle emissions – horse manure – annually, and dumped it into local rivers. Lung and intestinal diseases were rampant. Life expectancy was 47.

Today, President Obama wants to prevent “runaway global warming,” by slashing US carbon dioxide emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory data, this reduction would return the United States to emission levels last seen in those halcyon days of 1905!”


“In 1862 the Civil War was raging. Nine of ten Americans were farmers (versus 2% today). The industrial revolution was in its infancy. Malaria halted construction on the Washington, DC aqueduct. Typhus and cholera killed thousands more every year. Life expectancy was 40 – half of what affordable hydrocarbon, hydroelectric and nuclear power helped make it today. “

I betcha that the “elite” will not reduce their lifestyle to accommodate a reduced carbon footprint….A la AlGore’s huge energy gobbling mansion and houseboat…and private jets to all those lectures he gives….

But the rest of us……?

I bet that there is a population reduction thought in there somewhere too….

If the cap and trade reduction thing is gonna work, it’s gotta be global (not that I think it’s needed, but that’s another discussion for another time…) The US’s per capita and per acre emissions are lower that India and China….No matter what we do, they dwarf our emissions.

So what exactly is he trying to accomplish? Just more tax revenue???