good gunleather

Found a guy from Circle M Saddlery and Gunleather a few gun shows back. Just got my custom made in the waistband 1911 magazine holster today. It is EXACTLY what I requested. Exactly. Much better than the one I got from Tucker guleather. Well made, finished, and quality leather. I am impressed, since I had to make a drawing explaining what I wanted. No one has an in the waistband mag holder with a back that protects the body from the edges of the magazine.

And I got it in 3 weeks!

I figure, if I need to use my compact 1911, I might need more than 6+1, so I now have and additional 8 for when the real fun starts. If 14 rounds of .45ACP will nto drastically change the situation, then either I am not doing my part, or I picked the wrong day to not sleep late.

I would HIGHLY reccomend this custom leather manufacturer!