Why a 9-11 type event WILL happen again.

Stuff like THIS is why a 9-11 type event will happen again. Because we have a white house staffed by vapid, live in the “now” thinking people, we can be assured that there will be another event. It appears that the Obama white house is still in 9-10 mode, not 9-11 mode. If the events of 9-11 are that far removed 8 years later, what makes any of us think that they can remember that there are terrorists out there that hate the US, or even countries that hate the US?

I mean, really…. to fly a plane at low altitude over the New York metro area for a photo op? Never thinking that it might remind people of 9-11-01? If they can’t think that far, or have forgotten 9-11, then really, can they think of past attacks and still remember why the country needs to be alert for people like those that attacked us in the past? Perhaps they can;t think of anyone that wishes harm to the US, because for the past several years there has been no attacks on the US, so there must be no threat…..

Assholes…… I bet the people of New York are glad that they voted for Mr. Obama right now…..

Airplanes at low altitude…. New York…..Whoda thunk that people might still remember???

ETA: I wonder how many carbon credits we must purchase to offset a few hours of 747 time that this ill conceived “photo op” required….

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  1. Never mind that they made it a ‘super secret’ photo op. My understanding is that they told the NYPD but they weren’t allowed to let anyone else, even the mayor, know what was going on.

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