What she said.

Jennifer has some thoughts about all the hububaloo about the fact that the FBI was taking pictures of the Tea Party events.

Like her, I really don’t give a shit if they have my face at the Tea Parties or anywhere else. I exercised my 1st amendment rights, broke no law, and I do not gear the government. If they choose to disappear me Take Me Away, kicking and screaming and biting, etc, they might find it hard and somewhat unhealthy (lead poisoning and all that)…They can, if they wish, do so. But will they bother?

But I really don’t worry about it. If they think I am dangerous enough to be put on a list for watching, then a: I have won, they fear me…. and b: The watchers will get awfully bored.

But that remains to be seen. I actually think that this is a scare tactic to discourage people form attending the NEXT Tea Party. But I doubt that many will be scared (or care) enough to refrain from attending.