So one thing that I noticed

While I don’t go to that awfully many political type rallies, I did notice one thing today. While there were few left leaning people at these rallies, the few that were there, even though some of them tried (like CNN) to stir up trouble, there was little trouble to be found. Few people would rise to the bait, preferring to ignore the folks who were stirring shit. The leftists were tolerated, but not shouted down or treated with violence. (although it was obvious that some were looking for just that). Amused tolerance was the order of the day, and it must have been really frustrating to the leftists that the rest of us mostly ignored them.

The contrast with the leftist rallies was astounding. The intelligence and maturity of todays protesters was far and away beyond what the left has shown in their rallies.

One thought on “So one thing that I noticed

  1. What I noticed, or for a better word, felt at the valpo ~party~ was a sense of relief. Meaning that although many of us knew from the interwebs that others felt like us, it was almost a giddy moment to see so many people together with like thought.

    Yes, am glad you mentioned the civility that ruled the event at Valpo, although I wasn’t surprised by that behavior.

    Another point and I’m done, I did not see any police presence and I did at various times looked at three sides of the courthouse. Thanks for your report and photos.

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