Pirate hostage issue resolved. (or, when you wish to send your very best, Send a SEAL….)

Supposedly, this was at the orders of Mr. Obama………I thought he would end up being wishy washy in his first confrontational crisis with outsiders. I fully expected him to dither and wonder why these people are the way they are, and wonder about their poor upbringing, and lack of education keeping them in a circle of violence and all that….

Instead, he only took several days worth of dithering to apparently let the Navy Seals do what they do best…..Kill people and break things.

That’s what we pay them for, and that’s what they train for. Were it up to me, I’d break both arms on the surviving pirate, shoot him in both kneecaps, and cut off his right hand (After all, he is a thief, and a muslim), then send him back to his pirate playmates with the instruction to tell them that this sort of thing will happen to pirates every time the US gets involved…..

But I doubt that the state department will let Mr. Obama do so, even were he able to conjure up the cojones to order it.

At least he appears to be stronger than Mr Carter was (like that would be hard…). But the world was watching this incident, and I doubt that they were greatly impressed with the handling of this. I wonder who else will try testing him, since he doesn’t appear to be very decisive or tough….