On taxes

10% of the taxpayers pay nearly 3/4 of the taxes in this country. 40% of the the wage earning citizens pay no taxes at all.

and the number of folks paying zero taxes is set to rise…..

BTW, that top 10% is folks earning $92,400 or more….

While a bit of tax inequality is to be expected, 40% is too high, and unsustainable.

I guess that the “rich” are now defined as anyone making $92K or more…..

Those are, of course, the folks who work hard for a living.

How long can we continue to take money from those who make good decisions in life and reward bad decisionmakers?

Redistributionists will break this country. We are headed the way of the British. Soon the once proud U.S.A. will be a shadow of it’s former self, and the Chinese or Russians, or the Indians will take over as the preeminent (and dominant) society.

We can change the course of the country. But we have to change our leadership paradigm first….

Go to WWW.Taxdayteaparty.com and be a part of the message for change.

Will we send a loud enough message to the leaders of this country? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But doing nothing will certainly not fix the problem.