I think I have an idea as to the plan….

So it occurs to me (when I am wearing my double-thick tinfoil hat with earflaps and special custom rain drip edge) that the scheme that Mr. Obama has in engineering the “Bailout II” and other BOONDOGGLES Financial Rescue Plans, betrays his real aim for the nation. His (and his associates’) plan is to devalue the dollar. This simple seeming, yet nefarious plan will allow him to destroy the wealth of those who have either earned it (no doubt through exploitation of the poor and minorities or who got ahead because of the advantage they had due to education) or who have inherited it (most likely from someone who exploited some minority to gain HIS/HER wealth). The continued devaluation of the dollar due to his inflationary practices makes IRA’s, 401’s and savings (not to mention inherited wealth) significantly lower in buying power. This inflationary practice will greatly reduce the wealth gap in the coming years. This plays into his class warfare past…. Essentially, by devaluing the dollar, eventually minimum wage will be something like $12/hour and climbing. As he taxes people making ever less (changing the definition of “rich”…Once it was a million bucks per year, Currently it is $250K per year, and soon it will be lower) he brings us ever more even. Taxing the “rich” to an ever increasing degree at one end, and devaluing the dollar at the other, he will soon have erased the wealth of most middle class and nouveaux “rich”.

Therefore, by reducing the value of the dollar through inflation, he effectively wipes out or reduces the savings of those who have worked hard to get ahead. Thereby removing or greatly reducing wealth and bringing those of us who have succeeded (be it by exploitation, or hard work, or luck or whatever) closer to the level of those who have nothing (due to laziness, lack of education, bad luck or bad judgement). He’s always wanted to raise the underprivileged up, but being unable to do so, he’s going to bring the top down.

We all know that he is a redistributionist. But since “we the people” won’t allow too much redistribution, he is instead reducing the wealth of those of us who work hard and succeeded (to whatever measure we have). Instead of redistributing wealth, thereby equalizing us via redistribution, he will do so by reducing wealth through inflation, making us all equal. Those who have nothing will not be damaged by inflation in the long run, as they have little or no savings to lose, whereas the rest of us, those with savings or retirement will be greatly damaged by Zimbabwe-like runaway inflation. We have much to lose. Ultimately, all saved or accumulated wealth will be very nearly wiped out. Soon we will all be equal financially.

If the poor cannot be lifted up, then the rest must be lowered….