When her lips are moving……

What complete and utter bullshit.

Either she is stupid, misinformed, or she thinks that you and I are stupid. Bet money on the latter.


“Mrs Clinton said the use of military-style assault weapons was a particular concern, and she would discuss reimposing a ban on their sale.

A previous US decision to lift a ban on such sales had been a mistake, she told the NBC television network.

Earlier on her visit she admitted that America’s appetite for drugs was helping to fuel the violence.

Some 8,000 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico over the past two years.


Mrs Clinton said assault weapons did not belong on anyone’s street.

She was referring to a ban on the sale of such powerful guns which was in effect in the United Sates between 1994 and 2004.

“During that time,” said Mrs Clinton, “police in America were able to drive down crime because they didn’t have to worry about these assault weapons getting into the hands of criminals and gang members.”

More BS at the link.

This story is repeated over and over and over by the lapdogs of the DNC Mainstream Media despite the fact that it is obviously untrue to anyone who bothers to examine the facts. I own several “AK-47 assault weapons” all of which are legal to own. None of them are full auto, like the cartels are using. I cannot go into a gun store or gun show and buy a fully automatic AK. Nor can I buy a grenade launcher or a light anti tank weapon.

And that is what they are using in Mexico. Not what we can buy here in the US. We cannot even come close to that without breaking a whole bunch of laws.

The rest of the BS about the effectiveness of the Scary Looking Guns // Evil Black Rifles Assault Weapons Ban is just that, BS. And they know it. But they think you are stupid enough to believe them

But they never care about the truth, do they? You can tell when she is lying…look at her lips…..

ETA: “But Agent Austin Banks with the ATF says it’s people, not guns, who cause tragedies. “It’s not the guns. It’s the guns in the hands of the people who are prohibited from owning them that cause problems in America.” According to the FBI’s crime stats, the total crime rate in the United States dropped 1% when the ban was in place.”

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