The state of our country is the fault of the GOP leadership.

Blame the GOP for our current issues.

No, really, blame the GOP. Not for the reasons that you think, but for the specific reason that they ran a RHINO like John McCain instead of someone else. Someone new. Someone that was, if not exciting, wasn’t off-putting to so many people. Someone who had a conservative agenda—A Real Conservative Agenda. Someone who we could get behind and support. Someone who people could vote for?

If Sarah Palin was All That, then why was she not put forth in the primaries as a presidential candidate? Why did the RNC support McCain instead of pushing Bobby Jindal or even Fred Thompson? Was it just a payoff to McCain for all of his years of loyal service? Why him and not a true conservative?

Make no mistake, I voted for McCain. But it was under protest. I’d have voted for nearly any other member of the RNC had that choice been offered to me. I think that that is true of a lot of others as well. And for those who were fence sitters between Obama and McCain, why should they have voted for McCain? What did he offer? Dinosaur like policies that were really not composed of conservative values? (Let’s not forget McCain-Feingold!). Did he offer anything new or exciting? Not for me, and apparently not for anyone else either. Obama at least offered something new (although that “change” is not turning out very well, is it?). People wanted something new. And the GOP didn’t give it to them.

Or was the run for president just a sop to McCain, with no expectation of winning? Was the plan all along to fail in order to let a real conservative into the White House and pick up the pieces in 2012? Was it more than that?

Seriously, WTF were they thinking? Abandon the principles of the GOP (at least as I understand them to be) and run a liberal as a GOP candidate? Free markets? Free speech? Welfare reform? Border security? 2ND amendment? Personal responsibility vs nanny state? John McCain was not a conservative on any of these issues. Why did they not give the voters something to vote FOR rather than something to vote against?

And because of that decision to run McCain, we have what we are currently experiencing. A redistributionist president who seems not to care that he is destroying the country and impoverishing it’s citizens, who is removing the incentives for people to strive to get ahead and succeed, and destroying all that which has made this country the best and most productive society in the world for so many years. We have a president who seems to want to push this country into socialism…that same socialism which has made once great Britain into a second rate shadow of what it once was and a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Socialism which has destroyed France (although that seems to be slowly changing under Nicholas Sarkozky). Socialism in which there is not any reason to strive, and which, in the interest of “Multiculturalism” and “fairness” destroys the fabric of law and common sense and the underlying social contract that once let this country excel and gave anyone on the soil of the US an even chance to succeed.

An economy, which once his policies are enacted, (or even suggested!) is tanking as fast as it can. A policy which will reward failure and tax success. One in which those who have chosen not to take advantage of the freedoms and benefits which gives us the chance to succeed (and therefore, the chance to fail) are to be given the rewards that those who did take advantage and who took risks and strived for success have earned. One in which success and strife are discouraged rather than encouraged, by removing the reward of success.

As I said, it’s all the fault of the GOP. They gave the country nothing to vote FOR, and a lot to vote against. And thus we are here today.