Near miss…..and it might come back!

A large asteroid narrowly missed the earth at 8:44 am ET. Missed, you say? Good, nothing to worry about? Sounds like a movie script, right? It’s not…It’s REAL. It flew by the earth only about twice as far out as some of our communications satellites.

Well, we only had 3 days notice for the tracking stations to determine it would miss……What would you have done had they determined it would hit WITH THREE DAYS NOTICE to prepare? Food would have sold out in MINUTES! How many people would have been killed in supermarket lines in the panic? I don’t mean to sound like a disaster survivalist, but…..

It’s not like you can hide or anything…..and the hit…err…impact would have the force of a large nuclear weapon. IF you are under it, there’s nothing you can do…your problems are over fairly quickly….But if it impacts a major metro area, what could we have done? What would the result be for the economy and supply chain?

Would FEMA have been able to help do anything after the impact? This would have made the devastation after Katrina look like a thunderstorm’s aftermath… Few people are prepared enough to deal with something like that……I know I ‘m not.

Just something to brighten your day.