Capitalism at its finest.

Interesting lesson in capitalism today and yesterday.

I love gun shows. They, like most flea market type venues, are examples of pure market driven capitalism. And BTW, they are the place where nearly EVERYONE with few (very few) exceptions is polite to each other.

As you may have heard, gun sales are through the roof most places, and this had certainly been true in my observations at the previous gun shows that I had attended.

Most dealers had been steadily raising their prices to maximize profit ( Evil Capitalists Good Businessmen that they are….) but that appears to have run into declining, or at least no longer increasing, demand. Sales were, by most recent standards, sluggish.

Many dealers began cutting prices to stimulate demand.

Sales picked up, and a balance, of sorts, was again reached.

Capitalism, supply vs demand, and profit motive all reach a point of harmony.

I love this country.