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Y’know, while I did not vote for Obama, I have advocated giving the man a chance, and warned all my (many) conservative friends from falling into “Obama Derangement Syndrome”. Much like the liberals fell into Bush Derangement Syndrome” after Bush was elected, and could not find anything he did to be correct, and failed to give Bush a chance to prove himself (he never really did, but that is besides the point).

But Obama is making it difficult for me to keep to my own preaching. The “stimulus package”, the whole lobbyist thing, not to mention his cabinet appointments (these folks are either arrogant enough to believe that they are above the law or poorly guided enough that they cannot vet people well enough to find those who do not pay taxes….), all are beginning to grate on me to the point where I find myself suffering from ODS.

While I realize that his holiness Obama the 1st has issues, and is a socialist, and has the senate And the house on his side, I am becoming surprised by the failures of the administration to LEAD rather than issue edicts. The America public, no matter how the media spins the actions of his administration, will not let too much of this happen before they scream STOP!.

I now understand how the far left liberal whackos must have felt with Bush.