A tax by any other name

SO I bet that THIS is how the Mr. Obama will reduce the deficit:

“The implementation of a cap-and-trade system, something Obama favors, would raise $300- to $330-billion a year, said Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.).”

Carbon cap and trade system is a thinly disguised tax on carbon producing fuels and industry. Taxing CO2 will raise the costs of everything we use and any energy we use. Do ya really think that we, the end consumer, will not pay for the increased cost to industry and electric companies? Lets forget the fact that cap and trade has been a debacle in every country that it has been tried in.

Ultimately WE will be the ones paying the carbon tax.

And all to reduce the CO2 produced by this country. All in the name of Global Warming. GW is an unproven theory that cannot be made to reconcile with reality. Never mind that the model upon which GW is based cannot predict today’s climate using historical data. Never mind that the temps have been coming down since 2000. (It actually appears that Carter’s Global Cooling folks might have been right 30 years ago).

If you believe that ALGORE was right in his Global Warming hype, then you might think that this is a good idea. If however, you have three working brain cells to rub together, you’d realize that this is a crock of shit. Global warming (now “climate change”) is a crock. We all know it, except those who have drunk the Kool-Aid of the church of AlGore (despite evidence showing that it is NOT happening).

But really, the CO2 is just an excuse for his Cap and Trade scheme to shove a thinly disguised tax down our throats. He needs this money for his social programs and bailouts.

After all, the money has to come from somewhere.

ETA: Don’t believe me that Global Warming (AKA “Climate Change”) is a crock?

Read THIS. The Japanese scientists don’t like the Kyoto Treaty. Oh, THE IRONY These folks know more than I ever will regarding climate, and they don’t buy it. It’s interesting that the “consensus” is not so much.