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So it looks like the “ruling class” in Washington is about to screw the rest of the country……The spending bill, no matter how you slice it, is gonna shaft each and every American taxpayer.

Better to give the money to the taxpayers. If we each spent the $10k or so the this is gonna cost us taxpayers (each)….Now THAT would stimulate the economy…Either we’d buy cars, or refrigerators, or pay off credit cards, or buy something else, or at worst, save it in a bank account.

Either way, it would do more to get the economy working again better than this “targeted” bullshit that they are trying to ram down our throats.

Best of all, it would be a market based approach to saving the economy. Those companies who provide quality goods and services would thrive, and those who don’t would fail.

And isn’t that one of the principles that this country was built on? Part of what made this country so great?

And, BTW, what is the hurry in passing this? Other than to keep people from really getting a chance to look at this bill and think about it. Perhaps they feel that the more time people have to look at this, the less they’ll like it. I guess that that is the reason for all this fear mongering.

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