I wish that I could have been there

Mass protests against the “stimulus package”. Especially in the midwest, and considering the weather……And when you consider that so far, all of the protests have been on weekdays, when most non recipients have to ….you know, work. It’s easy to get a lot of people at a rally when the rally is for more government handouts, as those recipients are generally not occupied with earning a living.

But HERE are those folks whose hard earned money is being taken and used as a handout….err….”stimulus”.

Here and Here and Here are others. Despite fairly nasty weather in all locales, lots of people collected to voice their opposition and dissent (after all, didn’t we learn from the liberals during the last presidential term that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”?) . These folks braved really cold weather to show their….AHEM….patriotism.

Chicago, Seattle, St.Louis, Denver, Sacramento, Lansing, Tempe, Houston, all organized on about 3 days notice. Imagine if none of these people had to work, and had lots of time to protest like at the Obama rallies……and if there had been real organizing and better weather.

Folks are PISSED at this. I know I am.