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All I can figure is that I must look like a terrorist or something. The TSA has upped the ante.

On my return trip, they gave me the FULL treatment. Stripped me down to my underwear (bet you didn’t need that visual, did you?) and left me there for 10 minutes (at least it wasn’t too cold in the room…..I don’t look my best when I am cold.). These guys were at least human though. Polite and professional, but the other guys had ZERO sense of humor. These guys made an unpleasant thing at least bearable.

But hey, they are doing their best, keeping the flying public safe by strip searching the white anglo-saxon males while letting the middle easterners go with no inspection.

I mean, lets be real here…while very, very few people of middle eastern descent are terrorists, an even smaller percentage of white males are. So why do they go after everyone but the middle easterners? I would not want anyone to have to go through what I did, but lets be realistic as to who we are searching, and why.