This won’t end well

I mean, if he has actual useful knowledge, then I would expect something bad to happen before he can tell his story….

I’m thinking “Arkancide” Also known as being “Fostered”

Jail guard  in Epstein “suicide” to cooperate fully with investigation

Just sayin’

(and there are a LOT of folks besides the Clintons who could (and would have a reason to) do this…wealthy and powerful people who have a LOT to lose, if the stories of Epstein’s parties are true)

overflow into personal space….

So the School “Punished” the students with a 2 day suspension…

For doing something not on the school grounds, not done during school hours.

Student punished for “racially insensitive” ad posted on craigslist. 
(The ad advertised “Slave for sale” with a photo of a black classmate)

This ad was in poor taste, but other than the fact that the photo was taken at the school, there is no connection to the school. How is it that the school and the administration gets to discipline a student for this? What gives them the right to punish for free speech? Is this just social conditioning?
Where are the parents? Or is the school doing the parenting?

And now he is charged with a “Hate Crime”.

I call BULLSHIT. Bad judgement? You betcha. Insensitive? Damned straight. Stupid? Yes. Bad taste? Yep. Despicable? Pretty much.

But, in the end, it is Free Speech, not a chargeable offense.

Punishment for this strikes me as RightSpeak.

Pretty much the same story in every DNC controlled environ:

Rotting infrastructure, Failure to replace or repair….

Woman struck by falling downtown light pole that rusted through at base.

Just walking along and the pole (which was rusted through at the bottom) fell on her. Subsequent inspection showed 4 other poles on the same block that were a danger and were removed.

It keeps happening. 4 Times (that we know of) in 2019, and apparently more last year.
 They’ve spent all the money on “Social Safety Nets”, allowing people to sponge off the hard work (and thus taxes) of others, Instead of spending money maintaining the infrastructure that was paid for by taxpayers 30 or 40 or 50 or even more years ago, they simply ignore the maintenance and spend the money elsewhere for another year or 6…. Hoping that they will get by and it will be problem for someone else….

Which is ok, until the infrastructure fails and someone gets hurt….

perhaps Lush Rimbaugh was correct:

‘Cause a WHOLE BUNCH of folks are hearing the headlines and thinking that the “Impeachment Hearings” are showing that Donald The Orange Bad Man Trump personally told the Ukranians to find some dirt of Hunter Biden in order to ensure his rule for life or something. I mean, anyone who believes that Trump is about to be impeached must be one of those “Low Information Voters”

I’ve watched and/or listened to a fair bit of the “testimony” at the hearings. While I can’t say it shows the President in a good light, neither does it show any “Smoking Gun” or other evidence of the (current meme of the day as to his bad behavior) “Quid Pro Quo” (yesterday it was “bribery”, before that is was somehow “campaign contributions” or something.
If you only looked at or listened to what the Media was telling you, you might believe that the testimony was damning. So far, what they claim is “Damning Evidence” is a bunch of innuendo, supposition, and finger pointing, but little hard fact nor unimpeachable evidence.

So really, despite the Spin placed upon the reporting, I haven’t seen any more reason to believe the current charges than those of the “Collusion” charges.

And have you noticed that no one is trying to find a way to excuse (or explain) the payments to Hunter Biden? And not one of the DNC folks seems to think that there SHOULD be any investigation as to that whole bunch of folks, Biden, Burisma, (apparently) all the other DNC leaders children, etc….? Why is that? What are they trying to hide? 

only whites can be racist

Black college students could never be racist.

Because black people can never be racist.

Only whites can be racist. At least that is what I have been told for all these past years.

Yet here we have some proof that that just isn’t so.

Black students demand ability to select roommates based on race. 

Now, I understand that black kids would be more comfortable rooming with another black kid. They’d feel more comfortable with someone of similar culture.

Yet if a WHITE kid said that he’d prefer a white roommate…well now, that is, of course, racist.

Funny how that works, innit?


So this keeps coming up:

HT Feral Irishman
And it is, apparently, true.

Odd, innit? Perhaps this is the reason the DNC types are working so hard at the Impeachment….

They wanna hide the fact….

Door Day

So the original steel door, installed in 1983, at the Range building had warped. It no longer sealed, and had a mechanical 5 digit lock (state of the art in 1983!) and needs replacement.


Today is supposed to be the day, a high quality steel door and frame, and a Trilogy electronic lock.
Of course, this door and lock come with the proper panic hardware, so the Fire Department will be happier…they won’t have to try to find a way to overlook the lack of any panic hardware on the previous door.

There should be 5 of us, so it shouldn’t take too long. I already have the lock programmed with a basic set of codes.
It oughta be a good day. Rainy, but at least warm. 

More dubble standardz

See, the Media and the Democratic People’s Party (or is it the Democratic Party of the People…..or the Peoples’s popular Democratic Party…..or whatever…sorry, I digress…) have conveniently forgotten the uncomfortable fact (for them) that ALL of GW Bush’s appointed Ambassadors were summarily dismissed in 2008 by Barry the Obama…..And little (if any) protests were registered……Because, at the end of it…..The Diplomats all serve at the pleasure of the President. And, like it or not, Barry was the duly elected President (eligibility for the office aside)….he won his office even over and above any doubt about the “Margin of Fraud” (at least the first time) and was, therefore, able to legally place whomever he wanted as the Ambassadorial Representative of the United States under his rule tenure as President.

Yet, oddly, they seem to think that Trump’s dismissal of the Ambassador to the Ukraine is somehow unusual and illegal.

Strange how that works, innit? 

The coverup oughta be…..interesting

Cops never carry “Drop Guns”. Never.

and all those guns that are turned over to police in “Buybacks” are always destroyed….
(Hint: ALWAYS get a receipt with a serial number WHENEVER you sell a gun, to cops or anyone else)

Via Insty:

Gun from Chicago buy-back program found near dead gang member in police shooting

I am SHOCKED to find out that a Chicago area police officer might do such a thing. Shocked.
This is my shocked face.