No, you are lucky I didn’t shoot YOU, asshole.

“You’re lucky I didn’t fucking shoot you”.

See, this is an example of cops with the wrong attitude.

He fails to realize that HE was the one in the wrong. He was the one trespassing.

Hope this never happens at my house. I’d not open the door unarmed (probably wouldn’t open the door at all, but rather call 911 and let the police come and investigate the trespassing police), but if I did….likely for one of us the ending wouldn’t be good.

Interesting observation:

In a conversation I overheard:

#1 “I am really getting tired of Obama”

#2 “yeah, I know what you mean”

#1 “We should invite him to visit Dallas”

I passed an entire drink through my nose

An interesting point:

It was said today at lunch that the militant homosexuals have the same playbook as the militant Islamics:

     Fight any slander or possible percieved slander by attacking anyone who disagrees with you.

     Then attack the people who associate with them.

     Scream loudly about persecution and being damaged by words and cultures which disagree with  
     your viewpoint.

     Complain about a lack of willingness to understand and intolerance, while displaying same to all
     the world to see.

     Get a lot of time on the media because you are screaming louder than anyone else.

So far, it seems to work for both the gays and the Islamics.

Of course, the media helps ’em both by giving them a platform.

A note:

If you want to protest the whole A&E kefluffle about Robertson’s comments by buying some of his families products, be aware:

“Duck Dynasty” is a brand owned by A&E, and all profits from the sale of “Duck Dynasty” merchandise goes to A&E, not the Robersons.

“Duck Commander”, on other hand, is a brand owned by the Robertson family, and A&E sees nothing from sales of “Dcuck Commander” brand items.

It’s a free country, and you can buy whatever you wish, but protesting by buying Duck Dynasty items is an exercise in failure.

On Ducks:

Why is it that less than 2% of our population gets so much attention from the media when they raise their voices in disapproval?

And why is it that they expect everyone to accept their views, but fail to accept any one else’s when there is disagreement with their views??

If people who disagreed with the homosexual lifestyle were half as vocal and vehement in their objections as the gay folks then they (the gays) would be in hiding again.

I actually don’t care one way or another, except for the inconsistency

One upmanship:

nothing like Badasses trying to one up each other.

Take that Van Damme!

(for the real (and impressive) split done in real life, not CGI, go HERE and start at about 4:05)