Hah! The sacrificial lamb is slaughtered

So Yosi Sergent (NEA communications director), has “resigned”. It would seem that his complicit promotion of the Obama agenda has led to his shame….Enough shame that he felt it necessary to tender his resignation. Said resignation was, of course, enthusiastically accepted. He will be sacrificed so that the political careers of others higher up in the food chain might live on.

Wonder what plum assignment they have in mind for him (in about 6 months)?

It is another facet of the “Chicago Way”.

The Chicago Way….The apples don’t fall far from the tree

So everyone is up in arms about the telephone conference between the White House (via Buffy Wicks…who works for Obama via Valerie Jarret) and the NEA


Did anyone expect that the true colors of a Chicago politician and his Chicago Staff would not eventually shine through? Strongarming those whose funds you control is a good old Chicago method of control. It’s not like this sort of tactic is a new idea. The art has been polished and refined for many years. (see also: Mayor Daley….Both of them) Lets face it. Mr B. Obama is a product of his environment. It’s how he got where he is today, via the power structure that works by twisting arms. If you are surprised, then you are either not paying attention to who he is, have spent the last few years in an alcoholic or drug induced haze, or you have the intelligence of limp broccoli.

The fact that they thought that they could get away with it is the real issue. Not so much that fact that they tried….Or the fact that we know about it.

Lets forget about the fact that the government has no mission to (nor mandate either) fund what some artist might call art. (nah, lets talk about it) IMNSHO that should be left to the rich…Let them decide what “art” they would like to endow with funds. Let other foundations choose (or not) to promote artists. It is not for the government to choose what to fund.

The fact is that the transcripts show that the NEA has failed in its mission. It has betrayed those who created and supported it. It has, while not necessarily offered money to those who are funded by NEA grants, at least threatened and coerced them to be pro-Obama in their “art” endeavors. NEA is supposed to be there because “art and humanities is for everyone” (actually it is colossal waste of taxpayer money for a bunch of liberal weenies who congratulate each other’s work in a never ending circle jerk, all funded with someone elses money.

We should, IMO, immediately de-fund the NEA, for the same reasons we defunded Acorn.

(Personally, I’d burn the administrators of the NEA at the stake, but then again, I am like that for people who betray the trust ….)

But then again, perhaps we can get more posters like THIS.

Because they think they know better than you do

The left thinks (at least their elite “intelligentsia” do) that they know better than the rest of us how to take care of ourselves. If we would only take their advice, and live the way “they” say, we, as society at least, will be better off. Of course, we, as individuals might not be better off, but society as a whole will be better. (hint, that’s why they call them socialists….)

Instead, they feel that we “act like teenagers“…Unruly teenagers at that. Unable to make decisions without guidance from a parent-like government. How condescending, how paternalistic….how elitist.

They have no idea, however, how unruly people can be when a socialist begins to tell them how hot or cold they can make their house. The people of this country can only be pushed, can only take so much. We are, after all, used to freedom, and will only brook so much interference in their lives. Even though they are trying to “boil the frog slowly”, the frog will only take so much heat.

Willing to let the government turn back your thermostat or your water heater because they think that they have a better use for the electricity that you would use for heating you hot water or heating or cooling your house? That’s what the elitists think they should be able to do with the “smart grid” at your house. You gonna let them decide how hot or cold you must be? Gonna sit idly by as they choose who gets power and who doesn’t?

Betcha that they find out what truly unruly children we can be, should they decide to try to implement this scheme…..

But that is another topic for another day.

ETA: Midwest Chick has another slightly different view.

Health care legislation is dead……really.

So yesterday the comment was made that there would be some kind of health care legislation and how would it change our current situation…..My take is that there will be no legislation at all, simply because no politician will be willing to vote “yes” on any legislation concerning changing of our health care. Since the DNC and it’s minions couldn’t push the thing through quickly and early, then they have lost the initiative and anything related to such a bill is toxic….The “third rail” of politics…..No politician who wants to get elected in 2010 or even 2012 will vote for any health care bill. Even in so-called blue states.

So ultimately, since the votes won’t be there, they will table things for a year or so and try again…All the while claiming “victory” .

The thing is, if they really want to change things for the better, and help people be insured, then there are a lot of reform opportunities available, just none that will make splashy headlines.. Tort reform, changing regulations to allow better purchasing, co-ops, streamlined regulations, etc. But do they ever propose this? Nope.

The real thing is, is this about helping people or about power?? Ultimately, I think it is about power and control over you and me. Control over your health care is control over you. And for a socialist, (or if you prefer, a statist) control over the individual by the state is everything…

The thing is with these people, they never give up and they never stop. They are back year after year, trying each and every time they think that they get a chance.

Let’s not let them have that chance.

Untitled Post

Finally got a chance to post……Had to do a hack on the Prius to get the electric only mode to work….This might just save me some real significant amounts of gas….

I’d have posted sooner, but getting home I had all number of chores to do, and little time to post last night. Then today, as I said, I had the install to do on the Prius and then cooking….grilled steak with angel hair pasta and grilled peppers with mushrooms, onions and green onion shoots….

Had a great time a the BlogMeet yesterday (Sunday). If you are in the area and can attend the next one, I HIGHLY recommend spending time with these folks. Intelligent, well spoken, interesting, well thought out people.

I met Roberta (of course) and Old Grouch, and Shermlock, and One MansVote, and a few others….

While some are smart asses (all in good fun!!!), they are all highly intelligent, very entertaining, and worth the time to meet. I hope to be able to make the time to do other BlogMeets. But the drive is about 1:45 so it can be problematic.

Many thoughts whirled around the table that few hours, and many things were discussed. We didn’t solve the world’s issues, but we discussed many of them and it was good, and the food was excellent. I followed Roberta’s lead in getting the buffalo burger with mushrooms, cheese and bacon (MMMM, Bacon!).

Go, if you can.

If not, you’ll be the poorer the next day.

222 years ago today

Today is, BTW, Constitution Day.

222 years ago today, 39 brave men signed a document that gave meaning to the new nation. 222 years ago today, those brave men signed their names to a document which set the framework for a nation that grew faster than any other in the world, and attracted the best, brightest, strongest, gutsiest, most productive people in the world from their home countries in the quest for freedom. They built a country which, in only a century and a half, became arguably the strongest, most productive, most free nation in the world.

In signing that document, those men made life better for those who had the courage and intestinal fortitude to make the move from their homes in the search for a better life. In the 1800’s it was, generally, a one way trip. Yet thousands upon thousands chose to move to this new land of opportunity and freedom, created and sheltered by the words placed on that document. Poles, Russians, Germans, Englishmen, Chinese, Greeks, Africans……. Hindu and Muslim, Buddhist and Christian….From all continents they came, in the quest for freedom and opportunity that the Constitution promised.

Let us all take the time to thank those brave men, and to thank whatever deity you speak to that they had the courage to create that document and to make it the law of the land.

And let us never let the defense of that wonderful document ever become anything other than our highest priority, even unto revolution against those in government who would ignore it or circumvent its meaning.

Good news!

Perhaps even the house is able to see whats what….Or perhaps they are deciding to get in front of this, and sacrifice ACORN to keep the rest of us voters happy.

Either way, it is a great thing that the issues with ACORN have finally been made public enough that even the MSM decided to report on it…of course, it is sad that the media is so in the pocket of the liberals that it took 2 youngsters to do the MSM’s work for them. Its not like there were any real surprises in the allegations against the folks from ACORN…

Of course, the bills are not compatible between the House and Senate, and they will, if we allow it, probably quietly let the issue die without reconciling them, but only if We The People lat them….

Now….the real question:

Will Mr. Obama have the gall, the effrontery to veto this bill, if and when? Or will he throw his friends, colleagues and staunch supporters to the wolves….

Either way, this is great news.

BTW, to see how your representative voted, go HERE

Untitled Post

So I have a suggestion to all you liberals who seem to think that everyone should pay taxes, and that it’s ok to decrease health care for those of us who work for it to give health care to those who either don’t or who cannot afford it:

Here’s the thing…You are welcome to work as hard as you wish, but if you think that we all should pay more taxes, then please, set an example. Feel free to pay all of your income to the government, keeping only enough to keep you above the poverty line.

Feel free to take the time to claim an uninsured person as a dependent on your insurance….Hell, claim 6 or seven on the family plan.

Just leave my money and my health insurance alone.

For you liberals making 6 or more figures…..Please re-read the above. spend your income like you want the rest of us to. You really don’t need that McMansion, or the three (or more) cars…The boat, the condo on the lake, etc..

Put your money where your politics are.

Or else just shut up and go away.